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Welcome to kennel Frosta

I have been breeding dogs for many years - approximately 20 years with King charles spaniels. I was one of the entusiast who introduced the Polish Lowland Sheepdog in Sweden - when I got my first dogs from Poland and England in 1988, we had a total number of 12 in the country. That was quite a challenge!


I have never been interested in naked dogs, I did not even like to look at them! So suddenly I was the owner of a Perro sin Pelo del Peru. Chita is her real name, but I call her "Bebban" - my God - she was like a wild baby! Jumping high - running fast and one day she broke a leg when she tried to fly! The leg was fixed and I started to show her and realised that we were unique - she is a pequeno, almost non existing breed, at least in Sweden.

One day I was offered to take over her mother - coated black and tan medio, nobody belived me when I said "this is the mother of Bebban".


Well as I had realized that the Pequeno were more or less "non existing" I decided to repeat the mating with "Bebbans" parents - so I was offered to buy her father Caballo! The only naked PSP under 40 centimeters. Well I got my litter - no more small bitches like "Bebban" - 5 boys - 2 naked and 3 coated.


The naked was sold and has been doing very well in the showrings, they are both medio - two coated were sold - one is still here "Tussen" black and tan silky coat, lovely eyes - now four years old. He is a "real" dog! 


I was still dreaming of more Pequenos and started to look for a boyfriend for "Bebban". I found a coated black and white old dog and got three puppies - one naked and two with coat.


They were born early morning - and the mother stayed with them whole day in the whelpingbox in my bedroom - but in the evening when I was going to bed we got some problems. "Bebban" has always been sleeping in my bed and for her it was quite natural to go to the bed with the puppies. When she took the first one in her mouth and wanted to jump up in the bed ! was worried - but we solved the problem by having a bananacartoon in my bed - and there they spent their first two weeks!


Unfortunatelly one ot the coated was very small and weak and did not survive. I kept the naked one "Wilda" and I sold her coated sister "Evita" - she will have a future as agilitystar !






Kennel Frosta
The kennel prefix was approved by the Swedish Kennelclub in january 1937 (yes, one nine three seven).  The name comes from the area in south Sweden where we lived.  It was my fathers kennelprefix.  He was breeding dachshounds, all of them were not beautiful but most of them were very good huntingdogs.

This might be one of the oldest kennelprefix,still in use in Sweden.

"Ozzy" as a puppy

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