The last rose of summer was a real beauty!








    This is our house pictured last winter 2005/06

This winter - until now 10 of january we have not had any snow in this part of Sweden - just rain and heavy storms from time to time.  Not very pleasant so we look forward to spring and summer.

Summertime I love my garden - have got some appletrees, pears and plums etc. 
And a lot of green areas for the  dogs


The storm in january 2007 took one of my appletrees ! ! Not the best one,  but still...


Approximately 25 kilometers from my house the wellknown lake Hornborga is situated.  In springtime  visited by about 10.000 cranes.  In wintertime you can see eagles from time to time .   This part of Sweden is a welldeveloped touristarea. According to the news 1st of april 2007 there are approximately 13.000 cranes today - more than ever before!




This is the cat - his name is "kattekatt" - he moved in  october 2005 - probably one of these summercats!  He was young and hungry and rather skinny.  He is a good huntingcat - he loves to show me the results of the hunting!  All dogs does not like him - but he knows who is who!




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