Perro sin Pelo del Peru( PSP)


Akim Magni-Loquentia

born 2005-11-29,

colour  black 

reg.nummer  S23583/2006

Weight approx  6  kilo Height over 40 centimeters  small medio.

"Kim" has been shown once - on a small clubshow september 2006 and  he was the surprise of the day!  He ended up as numer two in the final of group 5.


Caa-Allepo Fox
born  2002-03-29 in Finland,  colour /copper
Weight 17 kilos
 Height 52 centimeters
Fox is a grande,  but registred in Finland as pequeno.
 He was 15 months old when he arrived in Sweden( 15 of june-03)
He is such a beautiful dog and I wish I had the courage to show him but as he needs time to accept strangers I realize that no judge in the world would be willig to give him so much time. He has been used for breeding - and got some really lovely offspring - among them topwinning Frosta Pink Lady .



Frosta Chivateros
born 2002-06-23
(litterbrother of Sinchi and Paracas)
colour  black and tan
Medio 45 centimeter
"Tussen" has been shown once and he got his price 0 due to
the fact that he is coated. The judge really liked him! Would bee interesting to know what PSP breeders and owners in the rest of the world  are doing with coated puppies!  In Sweden it is ok to register them in the kennelclub , it is ok to use them for breeding , it is ok to take them to dogshows but they will have their price 0 .  


SUCH Gagaku's Caballo
fborn 97-04-01,  colour black 
reg.nummer S42515/97
Weight 8-9 kilo.
 Pequeno 39 cm.
Caballo is getting old but he is still the boss! He already had his championtitle when he moved in  5th of april 2002. I have shown him a few times in veteranclass and once he ended up as number 3 in the veterangroup. He does not like dogshows and I am not going to force him.



"About Kim"

In 2005 I started to plan for the future trying to find a small male and I found him in Czech republic. Akim Magni -Loquentia born 29.11.2005. "Kim" is black - very little hair on his head and he is a lovely little boy. Unfortunatelly he did not stop growing - he has passed the magic 40 centimeters, so he is not a pequeno - he is a small medio.   His father is 41 cm and his mother 34.5 cm.  Czech republic  has got  a great number of breeders and there is a very interesting story about how the breed entered the country.


"Kim" has got an interesting pedigree , his grandfathers grand-parents are from same litter Balduin and Bisutuna.  As far as I know, this couple were the first PSP in Czech republic.


And how did the Peruvian Hairless Dog get to the Czech republic?

In 1977 on a friendly visit in GDR, the Cuban delegacy gave as an official gift a pair of the Peruvian Hairless Dogs. Because no one really cared about them, soon were they given to the Berlin Zoo…but no animal paradise was awaiting them there either. They were reproduced, during winter they had to freeze in a caravan and the ones that survived ended up in experiments on animals. There wasn’t anyone who would care about the death of the little hairless one. Only the sensitive people from the greyhound kennel decided to act and saved a few of them. Two of them, siblings, were   given to Dr. Pacltová in Czecho-slovakia and they were registered in 1981 into the Czech central breeding book.


This information was found on the website of kennel Nort Brun and Ihave the permission to publice it.



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